The Believer is Back!

The holidays are over. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Emperors Day, St. Stephen’s Day, Saint Nicholas Day, Three Kings Day, New Year’s…Whatever you celebrate, it’s over. It’s now time to focus on the New Year and whatever new goals you’ve established for yourself.

fullsizerenderWith a new year comes the opportunity to try new things, such as new beers, it also gives the chance to revisit old favorites. I was at the recently pleased to find an old favorite of mine on the store shelf: Ninkasi Believer Double Red Ale. I love this beer! Believer was my first introduction Ninkasi Brewing Company a number of years ago and I was instantly hooked.
It’s pours a deep, clear ruby color with a light off white foam cap. The aroma is that of sweet bread and toffee with some brighter citrus hop notes. The flavor is in line with the aroma with rich toffee and soft bread. Firm hop bitterness pierces the sweet malt adding a bright fruit component creating an easy drinking, delicious beer.

This beer used to be readily available and then one day it was gone. And I was sad. Well now it’s back as a winter seasonal (according to their website) from December to April. So get it while you can.

Ninkasi is hardly a new brewery. They’ve been brewing up tasty beers since 2006 and made an immediate spash into the craft beer scene with favorites like Total Domination, Tricerahops  Double IPA and of course Believer. Since they’re headquartering in Eugene, Oregon, a 2 and a half hour drive from me, I don’t get the chance to stop in regularly. I have only been there once when I happened to be in Eugene for an unrelated event, but it’s worth a trip. They have a very cool, contemporary tasting room complete with an outdoor fire pit that kept me warm on the drizzly day I visited. The staff is enthusiastic and nerdy enough to answer even the more technical brewing related questions. There are a number of beers to try there, all of which were well made and enjoyable.fullsizerender-1

If you are in Eugene, which incidentally is a fun place to visit, you need to stop in and check them out. If Eugene is too much of a trek, then look for the various beers at your local retailer.