Hopworks Urban Brewery IPX: Chinook is Tasty!

2014_0225_hopworks-72-200x300[1]I love living in the NW. So many good beers. One of the beers I tried recently is from Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB). They have 2 locations, one on SE Powell as well as their Bikebar on North Williams. If you are ever  in Portland you have to check them out. If you live here, well there is no excuse for you not to have gone yet. HUB does a fantastic job keeping my attention with their IPX single hop series. They feature a new hop variety with each new beer. The latest in the series I tried featured Chinook hops.

Albeit a good hop, I had always thought of Chinook as strictly a bittering hop. In my experience it provides a firm bitterness with lots of pine and resin flavors. In HUB’s Chinook  IPX, I encountered the aforementioned flavors but in addition I found a bit of citrus and a slight apricot type flavor. Its a delicious beer! If you find it on store shelves give it a try and tell me what you think.

I know I will continue to pick up the IPX series beers. Outside of conducting your own single hop experiments, its a great way to get a sense of what a particular hop can do for a beer. I have done only a handful of single hop beers (Bohemian Pilsner, stouts, bitters) but never in a very hop forward style like an American IPA. After trying a couple of the HUB beers (Amarillo Armadillo was fantastic as well), I’m ready to brew one up myself. Too many beers to brew, so little time…

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