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kettle etchingIts been pretty cold in Portland as of late and since I brew outside, I haven’t felt much like brewing. I know, I’m a baby. Whatever. Anyway, since I haven’t been up to braving the cold, I opted to tinker with my brew equipment instead.

 It’s difficult to find a project that will dramatically improve your brewery without costing any money. I had been looking online for a sight glass prior to reading the article Matt Bates wrote in the July/August edition of Brew Your Own. I already had everything I needed for this project: vinegar, salt, a 9 volt battery, some wire, q-tips, tape and stencils. Even if you don’t aleady have everything, none of the necessary items will set you back more than a few bucks.

kettle taped

I’m not going to give detailed how to instructions for this. You can hit the link above and check it out from the source. I do want to be sure to stress preplanning your design. You will be permanently marking/drawing on your precious kettle so make sure you are going to put something aesthetically pleasing to you. I like my results, but I think if I were to do it over again, I would have used a different stencil. The stencil I used was from my kids’ craft drawer and more of a whimsical font, so the results look a bit like I free hand drew it. I would recommend using something with cleaner lines.

The good news is that I can finally retire the cpvc pipe I used to dip into the boiling wort to find out what my volume is.

If you are considering buying a sight glass, you might consider this as an alternative and fun project.